In our last article, we highlighted the benefits of waste management for your business. Each business or building has its own requirements; there are many that would benefit from an on-site waste management service.

What exactly is this, you ask? Simply put, on-site waste management ensures that fewer recyclable products end up in landfills. This means that you have a dedicated team of people that is able to identify, advise, sort and manage the waste disposal process for your business on your premises.

On-site waste management offers the following benefits for your business:

  • A sustainable and ethical waste management solution customized for your requirements, thus meeting your sustainability plan obligations;
  • Our trained staff to oversee the process to ensure that minimal waste is discarded to the landfill, cutting down your waste disposal costs;
  • Frequent assessment of waste generated by your business or building to ensure continued improvement of waste management solutions;
  • Transportation of your recyclable waste to our warehouse for disposal;
  • Consultations and evaluation of your non-recyclable and hazardous waste to helping you make alternative procurement decisions and alternative disposal solutions.
  • Monthly reporting on what your waste statistics are.

At Recycle 1st we are dedicated to helping you tackle your waste issues. We aim to close the waste gap and cut the waste to landfill with better waste management services. Our goal is to partner with corporate businesses to ensure a sustainable and ethical solution for your waste management.

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