Paper, rigid cardboard, boxes

WHY? Paper, rigid cardboard and boxes are great for recycling and can usually be recycled, if it is clean. Making recycled paper uses 40% less energy and 30% less water, compared to new paper. Recycled paper products are often used to make cardboard for cereal boxes or molded paper products, such as egg boxes.


You can recycle your magazines, newspapers, envelopes and junk mail. Please flatten cardboard boxes to save space.

It takes 10 litres of water to make one sheet of paper. Our team can sort your mixed recyclables, but ensure that it is not contaminated (dirty).


If the cardboard or paper is dirty (e.g. greasy pizza boxes, food wrapping) or covered with a waxy or plastic layer (e.g. carbon paper, stickers, photos, plastic coated packaging) it can’t be recycled. The wax layer helps to keep products dry, but the different layers of paper and wax means it can’t be recycled.


If you can’t tear the “paper” easily, then you usually can’t recycle it. Please place these non-recyclable items in the rubbish bin or your ecobrick.

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