Glass is made of sand and can be melted down and re-used – always separate glass bottles for recycling as they don’t decompose in landfills. Did you know that recycling a glass bottle saves enough electricity to light a 100W bulb for four hours.


We can recycle any color or size glass bottles or jars. Some glass bottles can be returned for a deposit and are then re-used. Glass is however heavy, so it is easier to place it in a box rather than in a bag, if you have a lot of glass to recycle after the summer festivities.


The different ingredients in glass create different melting points, which is great for different applications such as durable window panes, windscreens, mirrors, or heat resistant Pyrex dishes. It does however make it difficult to recycle all these items together. While it can technically be recycled, it can’t be placed with curbside collection with glass bottles or jars. Please do not place broken windows, car glass, cups, glasses, oven dishes or mirrors in the recycling as we CAN’T RECYCLE it.

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